Appendix 1 (List of Janaka/Janya ragas with their swaras). Mathematics of carnatic music. Appendix 1. Raga Name. Ascending Scale(ārohanam). Descending. List of Janya ragas Janya ragas are Carnatic music ragas derived from the fundamental set of 72 ragas called Melakarta ragas, by the permutation and. Table of Janya Ragas & Related Ragas. 1. Kanakangi (S R1 G1 M1 P D1 N1 S’). Janya Raga. Related Raga. · Kanakāmbari. · Kanakatodi. · Karnātaka Shuddha.

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The ascending scale is same as that of Udayaravichandrika raga also known as Shuddha Dhanyasiwhile the desc Member feedback about Darbari Kanada: This raga brings out karuna rasa, i. Member feedback about Ragavardhini: Hindustani music terminology Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. It is a janya scale, as it does not have all the seven swaras musical notes in the ascending scale. Member feedback about Keeravani: Janga and Ragqs Parent scale Natabhairavi with shadjam at C It is considered a janya of the 20th melakarta Natabhairavi.

Rasa Madhuvanti expresses a gentle loving sentiment. One of the most popular belief is that the ragam was initially called Samaganam and when Ravana was trapped by Shiva, under the kailash hill trying to lift it, it is believed that, to appease the lord, Ravana sang many hymns in praise of the lord, but his heart cooled only when a hymn was sung in the ragam and hence the name hara shiva and priya loved hence “Harapriya ” -The one dear to shiva, and to fit it in the Katapayadi system according to the melakarta chakra system.


Govindacharya is known for expanding the system ragaas the sampoorna raga scheme — the system that is in common use today. It has only the invariant panchamam missing from its parent scale, Gamanashrama, like Shree ranjani. Kalyani raga topic Kalyani is a melakarta raga parent musical scale in the Carnatic music. It is called Kumbhini in Muthuswami Dikshitar school of Carnatic music. Moreover, some musicians experiment and use new scales, leading to new janya ragas.

Though limited by the necessity of the existence of individual swaroopas unique identities for the janya ragas, a list is never comprehensive or exhaustive. The 72 Melakarta ragas are numbered according to the ancient Indian system for numerical ratas — the Katapayadi system.

List of Janya ragas – WikiVisually

Carnatic raga topic Carnatic raga refers to ragas used in Carnatic music. Other structures Earlier structure of this scale were as follows: The melakartas are listed by numberswith corresponding asampoorna melakarta names [3] and scales listed just below if different, in bold.

It is a janya scale, as it does not have all the seven swaras musical notes in the ascending scale, and has a vakra zigzag descending scale. Carnatic music is usually taught and learned through compositions. One should not remain too long on panchamam pa or alternate between shadjamam and panchamam too frequently.


Ascending scale with C as Shadjam tonic note. Hast and others, has its own unique melodic personality, there are two main classical Indian music traditions, North Indian and South Indian, and the concept of raga is shared by both.

The raga is considered a means in Indian musical tradition to evoke certain feelings in an audience, hundreds of raga are recognized in the classical Indian tradition, of which about 30 are common. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The mnemonic phrase is sa ri gi ma pa dha nu. The process of deriving janya ragas from the parent melakartas is complex and leads to an open mathematical possibility of around thirty thousand ragas.

The number 15 was assigned to it following the Katapayadi sankhya system. Here are some popular Indian classical music portal. Its mnemonic phrase is sa ra gu ma pa dha nu.

Janya Ragams

The mnemonic phrase is sa ra gu ma pa dhi ni. Some famous court-musicians proficient in music were Hanya Sheshanna and Veene Subbanna, during the 19th century, the city of Chennai emerged as the locus for Carnatic music.

Indian classical music portal. Ascending scale with shadjam at C, which is same as Chandrakauns scale.

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