I bought Voodoo when it first came out a couple years back. At the time I bought it out of curiousity about the alternate magic system Carella developed for. After hearing many good things about it, especially from A&Ers, I went out and purchased GURPS Voodoo, only the 3rd GURPS supplement I own (the other two. GURPS Classic: Voodoo – GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War takes the myths of the mystical religions known as Voudoun and Santeria and.

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Still, it comes from a right-minded heart, and in spite of my ire at some of its material I would ultimately give GURPS Voodoo the stamp of a flawed work with good intentions, and its underlying framework could be salvaged. The world of the Shadow War needs heroes, however frail or flawed they may be.

Your basic Voodoo Initiate. Lists with This Book. They sabotaged the Ghost Dance, the Boxer Rebellion, and every mystical attempt of magical cultures to fight off European invaders.

As with skin-changers, Snake People never die of old age and innately have the powers of Third Level Initiates, but are gurpw less powerful. Ogun, or Oggun, is a particularly widespread spirit, being found in the religions of both the Dahomey and Yoruba peoples, Vodou and its offshoots, and Santeria and Candomble.

Will 20; Per 20; Speed 7.

After she and Ingrid counterspelled the corrupted Lodgeman to death, she left her family behind and became a full time member of her aunt’s Lodge. They have gigantic, monstrous forms with super-damage resistance and regeneration that would impress even a skin-changer, the ability to grow violent emotions in people for miles around their lairs, and deal double damage to spirits as a fuck you to any loas or other deities that try to oust them.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Obatala the Sky Father is our first orisha of Santeria and Candomble, the god of creation and spiritual purity.

gurpa Some manage to have traumatic spontaneous Initiation and get magic powers, though. Characters As with chapter 1, chapter 2 and all future chapters have a page or so of introductory fiction. Other books in the series. Spirits are psychic manifestations made up purely of an individual soul, having no essential soul whatsoever, and are either a willful entity sprung from the world of spirits or the lingering essence of someone whose essential soul has already passed vopdoo into the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


In Yoruba tradition, human atypical genetic conditions such as spinal deformities and albinism came into existence because Obatala was drunk on palm wine during one of the days he was making humanity from clay, vodooo as such he considers them his sacred children in penance.

Pan, the satyr god of old, has an odd history with the Lodges, being publicly shamed as the Devil by the Roman Lodge’s Catholic Church while in secret they and other Lodges continued to worship him.

Spirit Warriors of Ikku must take and fulfill Vow Sacrifice one victim per month [] in order to keep the ability. They are not meant to describe actual institutions or organizations, and any resemblances are purely FNORD. Everybody plays In-Betweeners trying to make their place in the supernatural world or stand up to the Corruptors and their frequently kinfolk servants, often with the angst that comes with being a horrible monster. A Guede’s Spirit Warrior is a liar, kleptomaniac, and obscene to a fault, but their acceptance of the inevitability of death makes them one of the most fearless warriors against In-Betweeners and Corruptors.

Gene rated it really liked it Sep 06, Open Preview See a Problem? Daemons can be ordered around by an animus, allowing the Initiate to command animae who in turn have troops of daemons under their own command.

GURPS Voodoo 4e – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Staying in power for so long? Fifth Level Initiates are instinctively gyrps to situations that offer them an opportunity to use their powers in a way that both challenges and rewards them and can optionally gain the powers of faith healing or astral projection, Sixth Level Initiates can optionally buy the ability to no longer age, Seventh Level Initiates get a bunch of spirit hangers on as an innate rather than optionally-bought trait, and Eighth Level Initiates can now just make a Will vs.

The Ophites in particular worship Abraxas as the Serpent of Eden, and they and many other Lodge Initiates call upon Abraxas for rituals of warding or voodo insight. Will 16; Per 17; Speed 7. John William Roberts rated it liked it Ghrps 08, Keely rated it liked it Aug 21, After poisoning the victim with ritually-prepared powder made of various unsavory materials such as the tetrodotoxin of a pufferfish, they go into a death-like state that is almost impossible to discern from actual death.


Fleshing out these various groups in between the Lodges and the Vodounistas would be an interesting thing to delve into. Not only is it the advantage that holds the power of magic, it voosoo irrevocably changes the life of the Initiate. Guprs can create gods from fantasy and myth, or design their own pantheon.

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Gjrps Corruptor scares away the rebels’ loas, causing them to lose that battle to the French. Page 1 of 2. You might chang them around but there a nice start. The con artist who wants people to believe they have supernatural powers, even though they almost never do.

Gods and spirits, including the loa, are known to “ride” hosts known as Horses or Mounts during the riding via possession. A caster in a hurry can take a hit to their skill roll to skip the performance, while one with a gurpz of time on their hands can repeat the ritual for several days in order to keep boosting their roll.

Will 15; Per 14; Speed 6.

Other special abilities a Second Level Initiate can learn are Mystic Symbol, which lets the Initiate channel magic and resist supernatural forces better when they are holding a holy symbol of their belief system, and Spirit Advisor, which lets the Initiate have a non-combatant spirit that can be consulted on various matters.

Ghost Shirtknown to the Lodges are Achilles’ Shield, creates a probability bubble that makes projectiles less likely to hit you. Newer Post Older Post Home. They’ve got more modest boosts to their stats, regeneration that works on a scale of minutes rather than several times a second, and have hemotoxic venom. All of these powers require Fatigue Point usage at various levels.

We also get told that while police in third world countries are sometimes oppressors — no idea why there’s the sudden caveat of it being a third world thing — most of them are still “dedicated professions who have to deal with political bosses, abusive foreign tourists that they must not offend, and a populace that distrusts them”.

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