Guide of Genex Probe forLTE Drive Test Huawei confidential, LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V3 5 Tutorial. Probe The Genex Probe and Genex Assistant for drive tests are part of the Genex series. . LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V Tutorial. Uploaded by. Lte drivetest guideline with genex probe. 1. Consulting| Training| Research LTE DT Theory, Tools and Preparation • Its Time to Work smart not.

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The detailed information is displayed by double-clicking on the message. For the PS service, the Modem port must be configured, as well as the Diag port.

Introduction to GENEX Probe – ppt download

The network operators include but not limited to: To set the play time Note: CH Code The Gdnex code refers to the channel code, which includes the setting of primary scrambling code, secondary scrambling code, or channel code, as shown in Figure Show in Map Decides whether or not to display the events in the map. The function takes effect only when the system records the logfile at the beginning of the drive test and the test mode is in use. Indicates the duration between the activation and disconnection of the data link, if the Disconnected by time Valid FTP Duration is selected in the Disconnection Mode.


Figure Adding Layer dialog box 2 Set the parameters such as device, layer type, and visibility in the Add Layer dialog box. Only the Qualcomm and can be connected to the serial port. Data Configuration Figure shows the data items in the pilot scan test. MHz Ranges from Qualcomm to choose the port.

Guide to Perform Initial DT With GENEX Probe

Figures at ANT1 Note: Figure Exporting the data To check the entire map of the layer. Take the UE for an example. Figure Direction button 5 End the test.

The value, however, cannot exceed the value Count Mode of call count. Browse and choose the corresponding license file. Help Menu The Help menu peobe the help information, as shown in Figure By default, the system conducts the forward playback.

If you select neither of the two boxes, the alarms become unavailable.

Guide to Perform Initial DT With GENEX Probe – PDF Free Download

The command consists of two tutroial one framewith 15 effective bits corresponding to power control value of each time slot. Genxe shows the shortcut menu of a tab.

Problem Description The UE cannot be detected after the port configuration. These functions realize the playback of the test Test data saving, exporting, process and offer original test data for other combing, playbacking post-processing tools. Otherwise, the Probe gives a prompt, indicating that the matched device cannot be found, as shown in Figure My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.


Table Data items in the spectrum analysis Name Description Indicates whether or not to enable this test item after the test.

For details, refer to section 8.

Introduction to GENEX Probe

Table Shortcut keys to mark a map Shortcut Key Function Marks the current position on the map and allows the users to F7 enter text marks. Users can get acquainted with the concept of test project and some basic operations.

Voice Sets the sound file. Figure Standard toolbar The standard toolbar contains some buttons for routine operations, as listed in Table Indicates the number of files to be downloaded. Cell Search The Cell Search window displays the parameter information of each step during cell search, as shown in Figure Indicates the control mode in the PING test.

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