Hi everyone! First time posting. Does anyone have opinions on the Drawmer M?. Find great deals for Drawmer M Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Drawmer M dynamics processor in excellent little rack rash, very clean, some scratches top and bottom lidOnly minor use in smoke free.

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Drawmer M500 Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander

This is accomplished by a Gain Management system which monitors signals throughout processing and reducing levels when overloads could occur. Aimed at the musician, project studio and live performer, who is determined not to compromise on quality, but have to work to a tighter budget. An example of this is when old recordings are remastered for CD.

The Drawmer M provides everything you could ask from the most powerful digitally controlled dynamics in the world and more. Our most versatile product, the HQ preamp and M050 converter straddles both the pro-audio and hi-fi markets, functioning in the pro audio market as a monitor controller, as well as serving as a source preamp in high-end hi-fi systems.

Backlit ‘supertwist’ LCD for easy readability. The M is not digital at all, there is no AD DA conversion going on, its an analog unit, it has digital control and memories, and you can create drawner with a compressor, gate, limiter etc, but its all controlling a single VCA, not multiple ones. The traditional professional solution has been to use an expensive master clock that drives ddawmer the digital equipment in the studio, but in many different types of studios there are often pieces of equipment that don’t have wordclock inputs such as consumer CD players, MD recorders, DAT machines and budget computer soundcards.

Analogue inputs accept audio on balanced XLRs and unbalanced phonos.

The input level is displayed with a 3 colour ‘traffic light’ style LED meter. Three switched attenuation levels of dB, dB and dB. Did you find this review helpful?


It’s a somewhat older piece of gear that falls somewhere in between the digital and analog ages. It is rack mountable and will only take up a single rack space.

moosers’s review – Drawmer M – Audiofanzine

Frequancy selection is by means of stepped rotary switches while the cut and boost controls are continuously variable. It’s not the easiest dynamic processor that I’ve ever used, and definitely takes some time to get used to. Two variable controls to add warmth and sparkle to the signal with no increase in the overall signal level. Three word clock outputs allow you to use the A2D2 as a master clock generator. The MX40 Pro packs four channels of high power Drawmer gating into a single rack space, with controls and indicators designed to make set up faster and easier.

The Drawmer DMT contains two independant delay lines.

The can be supplied analogue only – with the digital section available as a retro ‘slot-in’ module. A single red light showed limiting action. In case you still have problems logging in, please turn to us by e-mail: Individual indicators to show activity. This means your signal is as pure as possible throughout the recording, editing, and mixing stages. The MX40 Pro is the first low cost, truly professional gate to offer the features and performance typical of much more expensive noise gates.

The S2 features a host of creative processing possibilities never before found in an all analogue dynamics package. S2 – Dual Channel Tube Compressor. Specify a value for this required field.

A different combination of effects and parameters can be assigned for each of its two channels. Three switched ratio settings of 1: The DSL provides the engineer with a 1U four channel comprehensive toolbox capable of solving the most complex dynamic problems. Delay time is variable over a Separate analogue output level controls on both Channel and Stereo Mix outputs.

A different combination of effects and parameters can be assigned for each of its two channels. Read into it as you wish Either the individual channels or the mixed stereo outputs can be routed to the Digital convertors. With all the cut and boost controls set to flat fully anti-clockwisethe equaliser had unity gain.


Three element signal level meter. Many musicians and recordists appreciate the convenience of working with PC soundcards and other computer based packages but remain disappointed with the poor quality of the integral converters and processing.

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M – Dynamics Processor. The compressor section had threshold down to dB, ratio of 1: In the manual mode, the threshold is adjusted by the user to give optimum results. Up to 12 dB of boost may be applied at the minimum ‘Q’ setting, and up to 18dB of boost are available at the maximum’Q’ setting. The new Drawmer THREE-SUM opens up a whole new set of options allowing the engineer to split the audio into two or three bands and apply his or her own sonic signature to each part of the audio bandwidth.

The MX40 Pro also includes Drawmer’s Frequency Conscious System first introduced with the DS M5500 Gatewhich ‘tunes’ the gate to react only to a specific frequency band, dramatically improving gate operation.

Drawmer products are built to the highest standards and so it’s not unusual to find our older products that are still in use even though drawer were originally sold thirty years ago. Traditionally, soft-knee compressors are preferable for unobtrusive level control or for the control of finished mixes, whereas ratio type compressors are generally considered more successful in creative applications or where large amounts of gain reduction are required.

Control Voltages for each delay line are in anti-phasei. This facility is extremely valuable both in live sound applications, for driver protection, and in digital recording where an absolute maximum recording level exists. Some other applications would include:

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