Crumar Bit99 Crumar Bit One Wave Alchemy Evolution Roland JUNO Korg Poly 61 I have the 99 (a black one), had two BITs for a while. The Crumar Bit 99 has an average rating of out of 5.(The Crumar Bit 99 has a total of 10 reviews). Sonic State:SynthSite:Crumar Bit 99 ted by Henri Pigmans. Also on this page: links to other resources for the Crumar Bit

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These are only activated for the lower layer loaded memory, not for dual loaded secondaries or upper layer loaded memories. When you load it with a single push on the Load button it returns to the active program, but if you double click then its ‘peer’ program is loaded into the other layer: Those that are not displayed can only be accessed from the data entry buttons. Per default the emulation, as per the original, will not allow voice editing in Split or Layer modes however it can be enabled with DE In dual or split they came out separate feeds if Stereo was selected.

Crumar performer output noise when chords press Crumar performer,All keys works fine,but when pressed two or more keys chord together ,it makes noise.

Crumar Performer Brass Section Hi there. Keyboard – 61 full size keys, slightly weighted. The crrumar selectors 32′, 16′, 8′ and 2′ were exclusive in the original.

This exits the extended mode. This is slightly compensated by the ability to configure more complex DCO. This may seem correct however it is possible to edit an upper layer voice, save it, bif have it sound different when next loaded since the extended parameters were taken from a different lower layer.


You can edit the upper layer voices but they will be saved with their original extended parameters. This sequence will allow the lower layer to configure certain global options that xrumar upper layer will not overwrite, for example the layer volumes will be select from the lower layer bbit the upper layer is dual loaded. The following were added which were not really part of the Bit specifications so are only visible on the front panel of blt bit The stereo mode should be correctly implemented too.

The emulation recognises the following parameters: Bristol is in no way associated with the original manufacturer, neither do they endorse this product.

You can use park and compare over dual loaded voices: A rackmount version was also released, called the Bit If you do prefer the changes then to keep them you must “Park” them into the running program before saving the memory.

Just played italian sound only: Possibilities are vit unlimited and if the 99 patches are not enough you can save the data to tape and load it when you want!

Crumar Bit 99 | Vintage Synth Explorer

Last display should show EE Extended Entry 5. As bristol is stereo then each layer is allocated to the left or right channel. You can configure stereo from the extended data entry ID and which give the LR channel panning for ‘Mono’ setting, ceumar should default to hard left and right panning.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Oscillators – 2 DCOs per voice. Bristol uses this with the addition that the mouse can click on a parameter to start entering modifications to it. It had a keyboard sensitivity pot however that is achieved separately with bristol using velocity curves from the MIDI control settings. The synth was not really stereo, it had two outputs – one for each layer.

Crumar Bit 99

However with The different Crumar models being released as the digital era began they kind of fell between the crack. They work like this not quite the same as the original: The implementation actually uses two different stereo mixes selectable with the Stereo button: I was considering the implementation of the Korg, a synth I half used to own without having much respect for it – it was a late low cost analogue having just one filter for all the notes and using the mildly annoying data entry buttons and parameter selectors.

Date Produced – – When you select a parameter and change it’s value then the changes are not actually made to the active program, they just change the current sounds. Similarly the emulations do not have cdumar Unison button, the capability is available from DE

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