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Diane Murphy

I have lived in St.Cloud for just 2 years. Moving here from Christmas, Florida I missed that "Old Town" charm. Until one day I discovered. "Down town St.Cloud". Although, in Christmas we didnt even have a single traffic light I have grown fond of this place. Finding the theater was a bonus to me. I am an avid movie goer and LOVE that I can avoid the hassles of city life and traffic to enjoy a good show. The prices are unbelievably great and the young people up front are always eager and friendly.PS. Bring your jacket! I think the owners are from the North!


Standing Up To Bullies

Its nice to sit and actually enjoy a movie without the pestilence of little wanna be thugs walking around the theater, texting on their phones, and talking during the movie. Feel free to go to the Loop if thats your thing. Very thankful to the person who understands that a movie theater gets warm as it fills with people, and I guess Im smart enough to bring a jacket in case it gets to cold. I like that I can get there late knowing that it is the previews that start at the movie posting time, and not the actual movie. Keep up the good work. Great theater!


Bokeh Lyfe

I do like this place and Im all for local businesses thriving in the midst of new development in the area. But! I must say this place could use some new seating and fresher snacks. If your a local like me you come here for convenience as there is no other theater in the area for miles. It gets the job done. You get to enjoy your film of choice with "almost never" any disturbance from other patrons. If you in the area and looking for something to do, this theater which matches the rest of the towns historic feel is nice place to hunker in and enjoy a flick.


Barbara Thompson

Great theater for the price! I love the small local feel. Concession stand is good too - pricing and choices.Movies that come there are good and current!Suggestion: they should come up with a deal this month to purchase a large plastic reusable cup (like XL size) and a refillable popcorn bucket (between med and large size) for like $15 for the pair and then bring them back (CLEAN) and refill them both for like $6 or $3.50 each for the next year. So each year you buy a new glass and/or bucket for the following year - I know I would buy that!


barry cox

Poor customer service. A customer verbally assaulted my wife and I in front of our kids. we brought it to the managers attention and the manager lacking any real management skills called the owner to figure out how to handle the situation. The owner told him to make the customers leave. The customer and her family refused to leave and so the manager suggested the WE get a refund and leave. I ended up sitting through the movie with my kids while my wife was too angry to remain in the theater. Refund was issued to us but we will not be returning.


Billie Thompson-Romie

An older building in the downtown area of quaint St.Cloud, Fl is where you will find a little hometown theater that shows all the major movies at a wonderfully ridiculous price that is like stepping back in time! Who needs to spend $100 for a night at the movies for a family fun time?! You can enjoy a movie and plenty of snacks for less than half that price at St.Cloud Twin! In fact you can enjoy two movies at this theater and still have money left over for more fun after the show!


Chris Hegeman

Lets start with the negative and get that out of the way. The seats are uncomfortable and the sound system isnt super high quality, and this place isnt stadium seating. But, this place is still a pretty decent place for a movie. I literally happened upon this place on accident and I do not regret it. It is very close to me and easy to get to, easier than driving to The Loop, at least.


Jeff Terrozas

Great theater for Saint Cloud! I love this theater. Although the screens are small for your typical theater you the seating is close enough that it doesnt feel like it. There is no flash here just simplicity. AND SOLID WALLS. I never hear the other theater sound through the walls. I hate that in the big locations.


Marian Jacklich

I have used this theater for years as it is not only close to my home but has terrific prices. They run first run-movies at a small town price. The theater is kept clean, modern and cool. The concession stand is also clean and modern. Bring a sweater, sometimes the air conditioner can get really cool, though.


A Private User

I live up in New York State, my Mom in St. Cloud...she loves the movies and I pre purchase tickets for her in advance-Gift Certificates...she loves the movies and will go more now because she has the tickets paid for already...It is also a wonderful gift for an 81 year old MOM!!!Thanks for being there...


Melissa Stevens

I loved this theatre. It was cooler during the movie than I expected but the workers are awesome and it was the best theatre popcorn Ive ever had! Nice selection of snacks and we (2) were able to both get a couple and still didnt go over $20 inc. the tickets. Excited to go back again!


M Petit

This is the best little theatre, but I liked it better with the big old sign hangin over it instead of the digital. The movies seemed better before the redo of the theatre....went often but have not been back since redo. Waiting for some toprate movies like before.


Austin Johnson

Theyre great for a small town theatre, especially considering the new renovations theyve made to the chairs and whatnot. But it just lacks space for showing all of the hottest movies. Dont be shocked if theyre not played that new release youve been dying to see yet.


Suzette Moran Hall

Great Place to see a movie. Close to home not crowded, ticket prices not overly expensive. My only complaint is the moldy smell, since the building was built in the early 1900s. Wish they could do something to control the smell, I am a bit sensitive to the oder.


Holly Heart

My son and I LOVE this movie theater. We are used to living in a much smaller town with only one little theater like this one in downtown St. Cloud and it makes us feel right at home. I love how cute downtown St. Cloud is. Great service, too! Thank you!


Christopher Mann

The twin is a place with a ton of character and local Saint Cloud history surrounding it. Its been around, its had renovations, but is overall a very nice place to see a movie at very reasonable prices. Its what movie theatres should be.



its cheap ish... movie projectors are of low quality, and theater smells like mildew. they have the good new movies, but u get what u pay for. havent been since they remodeled the outside, but i doubt they upgraded the projectors.


Mandy Brookshier

Just moved here and saw Spiderman Homecoming. It was amazing the place is really neat and to know that it used to be a hotel they converted was astounding. Prices are really fair on everything also. Will be going again very soon!


A Private User

I love the fact, that is near by. My daugher and I go there to have a mommy and daugher day, and the environment makes it perfect! Is clean, old fashion and popcorn is great. Not to mentioned the price, cant beet that.

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