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In partnership with Nederlander and Professional Facilities Management (PFM), the Steven
Tanger Center for the Performing Arts announces the First Bank Broadway, 2023-24 Season at Tanger Center. In
honor of blockbuster hit Tina, Tanger Center has named this the “Simply the Best” third Broadway season, with
seven direct-from-New-York shows making stops in the Piedmont Triad.


Seven Fantastic shows, including Hades sound, are coming to the Tanger center for the 2023-24 Broadway season and you're not going to want to miss it.

Considering the amazing response of the first two Broadway Seasons, it would be extremely hard to top the success of those years, one and two, but for our partners at pfm and niederlander, who have put together what we believe is Simply the Best lineup of shows to hit the Tanger center stage.

Yet season three of Broadway shows announced at the Tanger Center.

We can't wait.

Yeah, it's pretty exciting, I mean I, think it just solidifies us as a premier National destination for first-run Broadway shows.

So we couldn't be more excited about it.

It really solidifies Tanger Center as the place.

You can see this great Broadway performances and I expect.

This could be another record-breaking season on the way.

Yeah I'm hoping I I believe that we we set the record initially, obviously with 17 000 and then sixteen thousand renewed, which was another National, Record I, believe the strength of our third season will have people coming out even above the 17 000, Mark and I.

Think that will just anchor us more what, because the season ticket anchor supports the demand on Nederlander to produce more first-run great programming for us, so one feeds another.

So I think it's proven that this next season really has some a little something for everyone.

There's something for the kids there's a more serious there's a play, not a musical in this season.

Yeah, that's I'm, I'm thrilled with Mockingbird coming because I think it sort of gives you a great to see a true such a classic right and to see it in Tanger Center, where great sight lines the great Acoustics to enjoy that.

Obviously, the musicals are just spectacular.

It'll get you off your seat, Tina's a phenomenal production.

Moulin Rouge will have everybody just dancing in the aisles, so I think it's a great and I think having Aladdin is a great and we've got Grinch coming as well.

My fair lady, if you'd like to see that so I think it's just unbelievable.

It's a great way to kind of set up your entertainment for the whole next year, which I love, Yeah, I, think that's a great point and I think it sets this uh setting for Tanger as being the Place For, Your Entertainment focus, and if you want to see intimate whether it's a comedy, whether it's a performance concert performance, but here you're, going to see the excitement of musicals and, in the case of Mockingbird a great place.

So it's a great kickoff to a great third season for us and under I'm already thinking stop planning, because if we don't get out in front of Nederlander and evidencing our season ticket base to say, hey our fans, are there they're supporting us they've come out in droves.

We want to constantly be out in front and providing that first great performance for them, so we're already planning for a fourth season, but we couldn't do it without our great Partners.

At Nederlander, you talked in the news conference about some of the behind the scene, things that happened here at the Tanger Center, and it was a story that kind of really shared that just how much people are gelling.

Not only is it gelling on stage and with the audiences, but backstage too, when a little bit of a water turned into a big problem, yeah well we're so thrilled.

We have a great Guest Services, led by James Smith, who does a phenomenal job, has really set the tone for providing services to our customers for the venue that it is and for the program that we have and we have a great team, whether it's marketing or whether it's the box office and our Allison Kidd.

Our box office manager was one of the six top box office managers in the country.

So what a tribute for that, and then we have people behind the scenes.

Many people will never see production, Audio, Visual and all those things that take place on the stage.

We had a water issue that someone broke a sprinkler line and we repaired it.

We repaired it better than the original.

No one knows that and the cost was covered by insurance.

So we want people to know that we're taking great care of their great asset here in the tanker Center to say the Tanger Center is a game changer for the city of Greensboro and, quite frankly, the Triad is really an understatement.

I mean how awesome is it that we get to experience these Broadway shows and you come, and you see the diversity and the folks that come support.

These Broadway shows and I've got to experience it with my children on some shows and I know I'll be able to do that in the third season, all right so Zach.

What has the Tanger Center meant to Downtown Greensboro it? It has tremendously exceeded our expectations.

I mean to have over 327 events, since we were able to open it up for Wicked and have over 560 000 people come through these doors.

That's just through these doors.

At the Tanger Center you couple of Bauer Park, you couple the ballpark and you everything else.

We have over 2.2 million people visit Downtown Greensboro every year.

That is catching the attention of a lot of businesses and people are rolling out at these shows and looking for places to go, to eat and to drink and before the same thing and downtown is really the place that they want to be.

It is I mean they want to be able to come.

Park have dinner and the cool thing about it is, you know our restaurants have navigated as well, so they have a 5 30 sitting and then they're reaping the benefit at 7 30, because people are coming in after folks go to the show, and so the restaurants are booming and I'll just tell you that restaurants from outside of Greensboro are looking to come expand into Greensboro.

For that very reason, we can't wait more places to eat more things to do in downtown and our restaurants are they're they're asking for it too yeah.

You know our wait staff, our chefs, our owners.

They understand that a rising tide floats all boats, and so they are fine with us bringing in more businesses and the Broadway shows specifically what kind of impact are those having on these businesses.

You know the cool thing about it is we can trace where folks are coming from and with the Broadway series folks are coming from all over the southeast for one show in particular Wicked.

There was a tremendous amount of people that came from Green Bay, Wisconsin, okay, and if it showed up on this map that we have just researching where people are coming and where they're spending their time, and so it's not only the city of Greensboro, the Tria, that's supporting the Broadway shows it's bringing folks in and they're coming back, which is awesome if they like what they see then they're going to come back and bring their friends exactly they're like what they say and they like what they eat.

Current season ticket holders can renew their seats now for the 2023-24 season and tickets go on sale to the general public.

Later this spring find out more at

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