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Waterpark beginning to 12:12; Movie theater 12:12 to end.

Welcome to part 2 of the 3 part video series project exploring Hazard, Kentucky as uncover many mysterious urban legends and stories from this town.

On this leg of the adventure we make an unbelievable discovery finding an abandoned waterpark and movie theater in one location that we are excited to share with you guys!

Leave a comment if you have ever been to this place or your favorite movie you’ve seen in a movie theater!

Location: 151 Entertainment Drive, Hazard, Kentucky 41701


Foreign part, two of the hazard series we're at an abandoned water park and movie theater all in one right now we just pulled up into it.

It already looks crazy, uh we're here this morning early in the morning, because we want to get a great Sunrise, video and hopefully some awesome pictures for you.

All today is a part of this video experience and series.

Uh Thomas is ready to kind of get going.

We're gonna go ahead and try to check this place out now and we're going to tell you guys about some of the history of this awesome place as we're going through it.

So I'm ready, let's go ahead and hit it up and we'll catch you guys in that part of the episode around.

Oh dude, I can't believe you can get on this thing and hopefully these uh.

Hopefully these steps hold foreign there's so many cemeteries out here, so we just made it up to the top part of the water park now.

So we get a overhead view of everything around us at this Entertainment District Center.

We can see behind us.

There's the movie theater.

You can see all kinds of just debris and everything from actually there was a fire that happened here a couple years ago and is what has left this place, the way that it's looking now and um.

So that happened and not to mention right behind us.

There is an old like building over there, probably where they used to serve food, maybe do tickets, who knows what, alongside that is another Pool back there.

So we got a lot of things that we're going to be able to explore around here at this entertainment center.

So we're going down the slide.

Dude I'm really mistaken.

It honestly I'm really what's like you know and I think I.

Remember, watching people in the videos actually I wish it wasn't.

There wasn't water right here? Well, it's frozen! You can get! You can step on that I guarantee it it's cold.

As it's been but first place, you can walk right right there and walk down.

Please! Okay, it's kind of soft Ware would be if we go to the bottom and try to work our way up from the bottom.

Yeah I agree because this is just fiberglass or something I think.

So let me get you on that hilarious Thomas is in the pool, he's going for a quick, little swim, yep.

Oh there, he goes right outside the water how's it feel dude.

Is it cold yeah? You might freeze today look at that that side of the slide like her burned off.

Maybe he said: there's a fire yeah, there's a major fire.

That's why all this kind of like um, because there's no uh yeah, because that looks like the fiberglass melted right here.

We know who would have won that one yeah I'm, definitely game to it's gonna, be very hard to go up until I.

Imagine that's a little sneaky, but uh we'll have to we'll do that after let's go look at those other that other house and stuff and then uh, because I'll have to come back and get the Gopher like it.

Actually it gets me he was kind of inside it.

It's like! Oh, what's inside there, this place closed down in 2016., yeah driving.

Here's this footsteps, yeah um I, don't know what that is.

Uh, maybe like a river car I, don't know like a little frame yeah another colors over here, it's good wow foreign there's still a lot of like the old pool stuff.

You know, like chlorine things, definitely a lot of the old like beach chairs, yeah, oh, look in there.

It's creepy dude! There's all these uh little plastic balls in here, Hazard detector Kentucky's, definitely a different place.

That's for sure it's not a normal City! Thank you, I wonder what this maybe was a changing room.

You know, or showers locked room, um Perry, fire starters, spins a little coffin drop or something that's what I'm thinking foreign? What is that? Oh I? Guess old, Evan, stove, wow I thought it was a piano too.

At first I was like it was like holy crap.

It was a popular spot in the region and in Southern Kentucky up until the early 2000s, and then there was a fire that happened six years after it closed down.

What do you think about this place? Thomas? What are your thoughts right now? I was just looking at this place.

So far, it's honestly uh, it's crazy, um I used to you know, love going to water parks.

You know I, don't do it as much now that I'm older, but I used to always love going to.

You know places like this and having fun.

You know with the family and stuff like that, and it's crazy just that all this you know it's closed down and there was no Gates.

There was no uh, there's nothing.

We just walked here.

Just you literally pull it up on the side.

You literally just put up on the side over there and drove in and get a chance to walk around and explore this incredible place.

I mean how many times you're gonna get an opportunity to actually go to somewhere, like this yeah I know definitely going to a movie theater like we're gonna do in a minute.

It's always been on my bucket list of places.

I wanted to see as far as like an abandoned place, so I guess without further Ado we're gonna go ahead and explore the rest of this place.

So stick around and stay tuned you're not going to want to miss this foreign that shoot it.

This is where you would probably buy your concessions and tickets I.

Think right here.

I have an interesting setup.

Honestly, this would be where the screen was just walk down, where the step where the seats would have been yeah, you can actually see the aisle still look right here.

This is this: is the part for the aisles yeah you'd walk down this? Unless your movie theater right in front of you, you probably have two seats: you'd have two seats on each.

You know these.

They have like a set of two right, and then you got your rows.

Crazy is that these are old old bags of popcorn popcorn bags.

Six seven years old I mean like just like you just sit in the sit on the floor right there, eating, like I, said, find all if we found the old thing of popcorn yeah we're just sitting here like we're enjoying the movie, oh I'm, I'm, sure, honestly, you will somewhere yeah six and a half years.

It's been closed.

Let's see what else we can find yeah like Thomas was saying they had an old part before you can definitely tell it was like that movie theater type of carpet which is kind of cool and crazy.

At the same time, foreign, so Thomas and I were doing some research and one of the last movies that were actually played in this movie.

Theater back in 2016, was Daddy's home.

So leave a like on this video.

If you guys have ever watched that movie or if you liked that movie I know I did it was any Will.

Ferrell movie is going to be good.

North Wahlberg in there man, oh yeah wow- these are small, relatively it makes sense, is to Hazard a small City, so usually get those like really cool small movie theaters.

These are actually my favorite kind of movie theaters to go into the ones that are kind of in the middle of nowhere.

Just a few movies you couldn't have fit more than like two two and then four seats on this side.

You know concession stands: yeah, burger, dog, I've, never heard of a burger dog yeah.

It's right here.

Uncle John's Burger, though that's great wow, that's a good! That's a good one right there, foreign, oh one dollar, a hundred dollars.

That's a money ban thing like a oh! That's nice, yeah needle, oh [, __, ], yeah, okay! Then that's nice! It's nice to see that's actually kind of cool.

That's an old uh holding a register yeah, so I was actually just doing some research on line and I found a Facebook page of the fugit cinema and all the things that's talking about this place when it was actually open.

Their page actually looks still relatively new.

You can tell their background photo.

They just actually just somebody updated it last year, 2022 and then before that 2014 yep, somebody re-updated it as you can see closed and last post was made in 2021.

They shared an old poster from 2015.

Oh look at the look at the carpet.

That's exactly what we just saw the same exact carpet.

We were seeing as we were walking through here.

That's the movie, theater style carpet right there.

That's the game room! What's right there! That's literally so we just figured out directly in front of us.

It's actually the game room.

You can actually see it here.

You can actually tell because there's the there's the windows for the outside and it would expand right there in front of us like that and whoever this guy is.

He was having a good time.

He was that's how I feel when I go to the movie, theaters wow, sir stairs a little sketchy.

This was on fire.

This caught fire too, look yeah, let's burn to a Christmas.

What's this right here, here's um some of the tickets I knew we were called up.

We knew we were going to find something check that out freaking cool anybody want it we're gonna, put them up for sale, foreign after what's left, though so I just found this land right there.

It's still, it still works.

These steps, there's a fire, as you can tell so it's a little sketchy right over here.

Foreign slid down son just slide.

Oh shoot tons up in somebody who rated this right here, there's bags everywhere they had the biggest I had a band.

He was right in this room.

This was the storage room, someone just ripped that door off you just literally we're walking on Old.

Oh, my God I can't believe how many glasses are dude.

It's literally like a foot off the ground, yeah yeah we're walking on top of us.

That's freaking insane foreign.

Look at this! Oh my gosh dude! It's heavy like this wow they're, all like in like, if we're stepping on it, we're breaking it, but there's so many of them that even doesn't even matter I'm gonna take a pair honestly just to get.

Let me get a blue pair.

You know, I'm a fan of blue Blue's, my favorite color, let's find a solid blue pair in here, yeah souvenir, that's right, put on the 3D glasses, whoa top condition and then fall to the to this foreign guys.

So we just finished going through this Abandoned movie, theater and uh.

What a crazy experience that this was what an awesome experience an adventure and Thomas was I mean my thoughts right now are just I love the fact that we got to see all of the old movie tickets and the film was awesome.

We went to the second floor.

We got to see where all the magic happens in this place and uh man I uh, I'm, happy that we got a chance to come here, since this is a one of the things I've been wanting to do.

For a while, and one of the things I've had on my list of places to explore types of places to explore.

Anyways yeah I mean who doesn't like the movie theater, you know, I mean we all go to them and it's crazy to see one that's abandoned and, like you said, finding the film the tickets, we found all this old concession stand stuff, and you know it's just like a flashback to the late 80s.

That's right, yeah, so uh.

Now with that being said, this is going to be the end of our second video on the hazard Series, where we're just trying to figure out why this place is so crazy.

Why everything's getting shut down here while this place is supposedly haunted.

So what we're going to be doing next is we're going to be going to multiple places and we're going to kind of get a chance to film all those for you all.

So you guys can see we're gonna go to a place called Dead Man's Curve we're going to go to a place called after hours, Treatment, Center, uh, there's a supply store.

That's supposedly haunted experiment service station.

There's a couple schools here that are amazing, supposedly haunted to a place called goodies clothing store.

All these places are supposedly haunted and there's much more things.

You guys are gonna get a chance to see them as we go.

We'll tell you a little bit about the story and information about them.

You forgot one place.

You forgot yeah yeah before we do all that, though we are gonna, get some food and we will catch you guys in the next episode foreign.


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Why did CoCo Keys shut down? ›

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In 2005 they finally announced that the park would never reopen, and it was left to deteriorate. Some say the park closed not due to unpopularity, but because of the dangers in the park. Rumors said a dangerous amoeba was in the Bay Lake water and the filtration process was not sufficient for swimming.

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Located in Bay Lake near Magic Kingdom and several Disney hotels, Discovery Island was once a tropical rain forest oasis that welcomed guests for 25 years before closing in the late '90s.

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Tahawus, New York Is One of New York State's Biggest Ghost Town. Tahawus, New York actually has the distinction of becoming a ghost town twice. Ironworkers began working in the area in 1826 but were forced to close around 1857 due to impurities of titanium dioxide that was found in the iron.

Why can't you swim in Crystal Lake? ›

Crystal Lake became unsafe due to high E. coli and fecal coliform bacteria levels on July 1, prompting the city to issue an alert that no one – people or pets — should have contact with the water.

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Pamela, seeking revenge, murdered Barry and Claudette one night as they were preparing to have sex. These murders could not be covered up nor deemed as accidental deaths, so the Christys shut down the camp indefinitely.

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Crystal Lake is a 291 acre lake located in Douglas County. It has a maximum depth of 22 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing.

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