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Now, back to more of behind the scenes at the Hanover theatre and your host Lisa Condon today, I'm here with Loretta John cuz she's, one of the owners from nuovo restaurant, which is a fabulous gourmet partner that we've had the pleasure of doing business with for years now welcome to the program hi Lisa hi.

How long have you had your location on Shrewsbury Street? It's been eight years.

We just celebrated our eight year anniversary, June 15th, that's crazy, I! Remember when you first opened up I absolutely loved your food, and you must.

You must be excited about a lot of the changes that you've seen on Shrewsbury Street and in the city in general, and why don't you tell us a little bit about your first eight years here: I, starting with the changes in Worcester.

It is very exciting and I see so many restaurants, opening so many new ones.

Also, we have some chains opening in the city of Wooster, which is exciting too.

It makes the dining scene much better.

That keeps us on our toes.

We always want to make sure that we, the old people, now can keep up with the newcomers, which is absolutely great.

Eight years of working in a restaurant business, not easy.

No, it is very challenging.

It comes with a lot of requests, but we've been able to make it and I would say it has been a wonderful eight years, we're looking to eight more years coming and we are very, very excited for what's happening in Worcester and how much it is developing I remember when we first opened 2011, there was almost nothing on our side of shrewsbury Street and little by little.

Many other places came that brings in more traffic that educates also the people that live in Worcester the businesses in Worcester that there are so many great restaurants in Worcester, just like in Boston in so many other big cities, absolutely and I love the menu that you have prepared as well, because I remember when we first met when we first started partnering with you as one of our gourmet program partners, you explained that you have something on your menu really for everyone and that might sound like a broad stroke statement.

But you do you have something light healthy, creamier and I.

Remember asking you what's one of your favorite things to eat? What would you recommend to somebody when they come and they see you I I always get this question because anyways or not, even though I am a restaurant owner I'm, always in the place and I many times seat, people, players or hostess, and they always ask me what my favorites are, and it is very difficult to say because there's so many great dishes, however, everybody has their own different I mean favors.

I know that we always do specials and the specials are the items that are prepared with the desire based on what the season is, what is fresh out there? What is the mood of the guests to eat? But we, if we look at the regular menu that we serve I, would start with salads, and one of my favorites is a caprese salad, which is always great for every time of year, and we do this reduction of balsamic.

That is absolutely to die for, and it gives a different taste to the caprese salad, the tomatoes we choose.

We always make sure that they're right and they're soft and they're tasty the same with the mozzarella cheese.

One of the other favorite sellers that we have.

My favorite we used to make at home is called Chobani salad made with tomatoes, cucumbers, oh nice, fresh feta cheese, and it's fresh all year long as far as the heavy entrees I would go with a filet mignon.

Then it's it's pan-seared served with the reduction of red wine sauce with onion and a little bit of garlic, tomatoes, spinach, and it's always accompanied with risotto.

As far as seafood I, like my scallops, that are also pan-seared with the very light sauce and it's served either with cheese, ravioli or you can choose, you can select one of our sides.

Now we have so many lights.

If you come in and you're not in a mood to eat heavy, you can always choose from my light menu and also so many sides as Alex the chef and my husband and the owner.

Also, he tries to incorporate based on the season as well.

My mouth is watering literally I'm, like oh, that all sounds delicious and for people who are just tuning in we're on the phone with Loretta janka she's, one of the owners at new oval restaurant on Shrewsbury Street.

It is a really great location.

You offer valet parking and the decor is fabulous.

You have the main restaurant on the first floor, and then you have that really special space, which is one of my favorites up.

On the second floor, what kind of what kind of events do you find? People are booking in your second floor event, space.

The second floor is very popular with evil: either families.

Friends, gathering or a lot of corporates and business that need to treat their clients, or they have to have very private meetings from banks to pharmaceutical dinners to financial groups, to retirement parties to just friends coming out and celebrating birthdays very popular also are the bridal and the baby showers, and there is not one Saturday or Sunday that there is not something booked up there for the baby or bridal showers and there's so much fun.

I see so many decorations coming the girls and everybody comes interest beautifully and they love it.

It's the room can accommodate up to 90 people.

It has windows all over, so it is light and it's very appropriate for a bridal or a baby shower and I know that a lot of guests would think geez Shrewsbury, it's very difficult for parking.

We have absolutely no problem to accommodate the parking with by providing complimentary, valet parking.

So all the guests need to do is come in pull up in the front of the restaurant and the valet service will take care of the car.

All they need to do is go upstairs and have a great time for their private event.

That's right- and this would be a good time for me to mention that our members, the Hanover theatre members, that they show their membership card, they receive 10% off their check.

Of course it doesn't apply to alcohol or takeout or tips, but it is a great deal and we love partnering with you.

If people are looking for more information on nuovo restaurant, of course you have your website, which is new, oval, roaster calm, and then you are listed as well at the Hanover theatre org in visiting us for their gourmet partners.

Anything else you want to tell our guests, sir.

Our listeners also a lot of gifts know by now, because when they call to make reservations, they do ask the seats and pans near the piano, Oh, riders and Saturdays.

We have live entertainment and our piano player is BBQ Dori.

Who is absolutely wonderful? He also celebrated seven years of being with us, Wow norville family, and we have many guests that come in and request to sit near Barbie or sit at the bar and enjoy while it performs so keep that in mind.

The other thing I want to mention that the folks is, if you plan to visit on a Friday or Saturday, please make sure to call ahead and make a reservation.

We do get booked very quickly and if you can't, you can't find anybody, you can text me.

My cell phone is right on the website.

You can text Loretta at the cellphone provider and I will be helping you with whatever I.

Can that is wonderful customer service? Honestly, wonderful, thank you! So much everybody stay tuned.

We're gonna be right.

Back after this quick break on behind the scenes at the Hanover theater here at WC, RN a.m.


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